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Howdy Folks:

I guess the biggest event in the last wek would be the Langley Rod and Gun Club’s Family Day-0where an annual gathering of several hundred people come out to try their luck at .22 Rifle, Airguns, Trap and Skeet, Archery and Fast Draw. This year was no different, except the rain weather kept the crowd down somewhat this year-but a lot of our own family and their friends came to join us. When I asked some of them what their favorite venue-part of the day-was) I was given several different answers. (Of course the part that all the guns and ammo-and lunch-was supplied FREE by the LRGC, was the BEST part,!) In our own visitors’s cases, our Granddaughter Brooke went back to Archery (5 times) and loved it! Her dad, Tyson, excelled at both .22 Rifle and Fast Draw (Fastest time of the day!) and .22 Rifle. He also did great at Shot gunning as did his friend Al, who also did excellent at .22 Rifle, punching bullets through the SAME hole in the target.! Our Daughter, Corinne, did GREAT @ Fast Draw. As for Grandson, Luke, he LOVED it all, and didn’t want to quit! I didn’t get to talk to the other two friends of Luke’s, but they seemed to like Airgunning best….

THANKS here to all those Thunderbirds, in no special order, Jack Drover, Van Le, Shane Johnson, Shawn and Paula Murphy, Faye Potter, Jim Weatherby, Jacob Alger, Garry Porteous, Zachary Carbo (I hope I spelled that right…?0 and, I guess, us Robinsons. (Everyone loved your hat, Den…soaked as it was…!) (and THANKS to some LRGC members who bent over backwards to help us out, in spite of the weather-and most especially to Alexander, one of the .22 Rifle boys who ‘lent himself out’ to us while we were setting up the tents.

THANKS, to Jeanine McCarthy and all the ladies whom helped myself out with barbecuing and serving the lunches for the crowd…there were no complaints, although, again, thanks to the rain, it sure got crowded inside the indoor range…!

And, THANKS to those of you whom basically donated your primers, and wax bullets (and time) to this worthy cause, as well as any donations to the Food Bank!

PRCTICE THIS FRIDAY NIGHT. Jacob and Garry will open up the range for Fast Draw, while others will be away in Montana. Sorry, but there will be no report this Wednesday for our Facebook Page due to Montana, and there will be no report next Monday at this website, (and likely not for the Facebook Page then either, due to Montana.)
Please bear with us, until we can put in more news on the above event AND on the Montana contest in the near future,

Karen R., President,
Thunderbird FDClub.

Well, we finally have our brochure completed for the July Contest in Aldergrove, that is, now that Den has managed to have a holster donated for this one the 11th year in a row! A tremendous THANK YOU to Bob Marshall of Bob’s Leather Works!


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