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Howdy Folks:

Well, here we go, ‘round again: We didn’t have time to write about the LR&GC FAMILY DAYS event, as we had guns to clean -and firing pins to fix-before we were off to Montana two days later. Well, our daughter, Corinne Taylor, brought her family and friends out to try their hand at shooting Fast Draw, during the LR&GC event, and her husband Tyson actually shot the Fastest Shot of the day (a .36), but he’d shot before and he’d had a good teacher. (yes, me…wanna make something of it? Heh...) The next Fastest shot by any of the ‘trainees‘ was a .38 and was done by an ‘old’ Tbird ‘Billy The Kid’ member, Marshall Campbell! He’s no longer a ‘kid’ and it was good to see them again! To spite the  rain, we had several tents-THANKS to those of you that brought the donated tents! (And THANKS to Shane Johnson, for the loan of the tarp!) There also was a large tent set aside for the lineup of would-be gunslingers-the guests of the day-and at some points when the rain was heavy, those that found themselves outside of the tents went to shoot at one of the other venues, (Airguns, Shotguns, Archery and .22 Rifle, some of which were inside the range.) and came back to us later.

THANKS to Jeanine McCarthy and the crew that I had that helped with the hamburgers, corn, barbeque, etc.! THANKS as well to those LANGLEY EXEC. MEMBERS, Kavinder, and Ken for their help and thoughts for our group’s attempt to ‘defeat the rain’.  We did manage to go through about 60-70 ‘trainees’ this year!

THANKS to the Tbirds crew that helped us all take everything down-although the tents were too ‘soggy’ and were put away later by the Airgun guys-THANK you, Terry McCarthy and your gang of helpers!

The few Thunderbirds that went to the Montana Contest in Baker City, didn’t fare quite as well as last year. Shawn Murphy was our guiding light in the Men’s Open Divisions-GOOD WORK, Shawn! Oklahoma's Mike Landis was the winner of that division-CONGRATS, FELLAS!

And, in Women’s Open, our Top Gal was Nicole Franks who won that Division! Our gals did some better than our men did, as Nicole, in First Pl., was followed by Paula Murphy in Fourth Place and myself, Karen, in Fifth Place. Best thing about this last contest of 2018 was MEETING THE PEOPLE again, and the FUN we all had! Possibly the worst thing was our car hitting a deer-we were all okay, but very startled, don’t know how the deer made out as it rolled and bounced off into the darkness…? (When ‘yall travel through Montana watch out for the animals-deer and antelope were all over the side of the roads when it got dark!)

A big  THANKS here to Dan and Ruth Qualls who put us up-and put up with us-for the first part of the trip. The Top Two Open Class winners were Nicole (Women’s)  and  Mike Landis, (Men‘s) who ’backed up’ his win of last year at this shoot!

The Top Two winners in the Montana Thumbing were: Laura Campbell, (Women’s), and T.D. Campbell (Men’s ) Oh sure, keeping it ALL in the family, huh…? CONGRATS to ALL the winners and to Dan LeGasse, Dustan Davis, and their crew for another very good gunfun event!

MORE GUNFUN THIS FRIDAY NIGHT! Our regular Gun Of The Month is on Friday and the event is: Step Back/Step-up Wax @ Blocker target-ten shots each total!

Let’s start backing these club events again, giving it our best!

Karen R., President,
Thunderbird FDClub.

Well, we finally have our brochure completed for the July Contest in Aldergrove, that is, now that Den has managed to have a holster donated for this one the 11th year in a row! A tremendous THANK YOU to Bob Marshall of Bob’s Leather Works!


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