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Howdy Folks:

Well, here we go again, now that we’ve returned from our holiday visit in Enderby with our son Darren and his family. Although it was HOT, we had a great time, and I have attached a photo of one of the many sights we encountered on our stay. This one is of Kay Falls, near Sicamous, B.C., which is an ‘out of way’ place but with very little climbing to do. (Yes, my foot is still swollen from that one…but feeling the ‘sprinkle‘ of water from the Falls was worth it!)

On the way home, we encountered-and breathed-some of the smoke from the Kelowna area Forest Fires once we passed Kamloops. And then, all of a sudden it seemed, we were right into our club’s ‘B.C. Tilt Stick Championships“. This was meant to be a ‘FUND raiser for the club, but, due to the poor turnout, it sure didn’t bring much dinero into the club…but those that attended managed to have FUN! Perhaps some of you stayed away as you knew it was also going to be a ‘warmup’ for those that will be going to Oregon?

Anyway, Den and myself came back to help out at the P.I.T.A Trap shoot on both Saturday and Sunday. By the way, THANKS to those of you who helped set up the tables for this Pacific International Trap Association shotgun event last Friday night after the Fast Draw was finished! While on this subject, if you want to see Fast Draw and the Thunderbirds continue to be a recognized boon to the Langley Rod and Gun Club, you SHOULD make an attempt to help out at some of these events. It IS part of our ‘survival’ routine, and should ANY Fast Draw group be involved with a main gun club like the LRGClub, it IS a good idea. And attend as many of their meetings as you can!  And yes, should we need help from Langley’s other members, we could get it, but we have never really needed such before, as we have enough members, with enough Fast Draw knowledge- to do our own. Although some of the LRGClub members-at our request-have helped out with the AAFFA group in the past.

Well, as our own Friday attendance turned out on the low side, so did the P.I.T.A. shoot as they played host to an average on 36 shooters each day. I remember when there used to be 70-80 shooters, and, when we asked why, we were told to ‘look at the ages’ of those still shooting. And A LOT have passed away, and, as we were told, the young generation cannot afford to do these things! (But many CAN afford those APPS, TELEPHONES AND FANCY VIDEO GAMES…! Does this sound familiar, Fast Draw fans…?)
Sooo, the few that love doing ‘these things’ MUST WORK HARDER to support them…simple as that!

Anyway, it is good to be back but a lot of work to do before Oregon…sigh…!

CONGRATULATIONS to Don Alger, the ‘crouching cowboy’ who blazed his way to FIRST PLACE in our B.C. TILT STICK CHAMPIONSHIPS! Don went clean and also took the FASTEST TIME MEN’S with a 106.6! Doing so, Don held off ‘the attack’; from myself, Karen Robinson, so I placed SECOND PLACE O/A in the contest, going clean with the FASTEST TIME WOMEN’S @ 124 for a string of 3 shots. And Garry Porteous, the Scorekeeper, presented us with our trophies, along with CONGRATUIATIONS-THANK YOU Garry!

PRACTICE THIS COMING FRIDAY NIGHT! Please give Jacob Alger as much support as you can-he has agreed to open the club up again for those that would like some more FRIDAY NIGHT FD PRACTICE-THANK YOU, JACOB!

For those of you whom are going to Oregon-GOOD LUCK-we know that comes in handy at times…!

COMING UP FOR THUNDERBIRDS.There will be no Club News next week, but as September approaches, we will be having our Gun Of The Month, (LAST Friday in August) then on Sept. 7 our Daughter, Corinne Taylor, and her family want to come back for a little more Fast Draw Fun, and on the following Sunday (Sept. 9) it will be Langley R&G Club’s FAMILY DAY!

See y’all later,

Karen Robinson,
Thunderbird FDClub.

Well, we finally have our brochure completed for the July Contest in Aldergrove, that is, now that Den has managed to have a holster donated for this one the 11th year in a row! A tremendous THANK YOU to Bob Marshall of Bob’s Leather Works!


Note: photos are available on the "classic" desk top version website.




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