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December 11th, 2017


Howdy Folks:

That was a very short Xmas shoot event, (under an hour.)but we did make it to Venetis Restaurant for dinner in time, thanks to our holding a ‘One Event’ four shots ‘Index’ contest. The turnout wasn’t as good as last year, mainly as many of our members ‘book off and go snowboarding’ at this time of the year! We did have 13 shooters and some spectators and we hope that Doug Abbott and his group, manage to have a VERY MERRY XMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR  even though Doug fell on the morning of the shoot, and was rushed to the hospital! Jack told us that Doug was sent home later, as they do not have a bed big enough to comfort him. Jack says that he will keep us posted on Doug‘s welfare. THANKS, Jack, and THANK YOU for setting up the tables and the two targets last Friday night!

Well, we now have a fellow from Nova Scotia that wants to join the Thunderbirds! If he does, that will make him the ‘Furthest Thunderbird Member’ from here. At the moment, our buddy, ‘Nick The Quick’ has that distinction. And, while we are at it, THANKS, NICK, for all the support you give us, both as a member and at the contest in July over the many years!

On Friday night there were some memorable incidents and some prizes, for which all were able to receive at least one. THANKS to all who brought a prize(s)! Because of y’all we are able to plan and organize things like this, which we couldn’t-and wouldn’t-do without your support! But, our ‘big guns’, y’know, those guys that are usually in our Top Five during the year(s), were upstaged by this Random Wax event, as one of our Billy The Kids’ and a ‘NEW GUY‘! Yes, Ed Atkinson, a NEW GUY, went clean and got to take home the Turkey for first place! CONGRATS, Ed! The only ‘regular’ on his tail was Paula Murphy, who also went clean, but the times weren’t quite fast enough to overtake him. And the ‘little guy‘, Kaslo Stone, put two shots together that were only an inch apart, on one of the targets! Good shooting you all! I doubt that anyone had shot this event for a decade or more, and, it is usually done from 10 ft. or further back…not at the 8ft. Distance we shot at on Friday. Yes, no one knew when the light (signal to draw) was coming on, but, in this event, they also did not know WHICH TARGET was going to light up! (But we all had FUN!!)

Den gave out the Annual Newsletter last Friday night, so, for those members that weren’t able to attend the Xmas Shoot, please know that we do have your newsletter(s) put away until we see y’all again. Yes, we are CLOSED during the holiday and do not plan to open the club until January 12, 2018. (#We will announce the opening for 2018 at the start of that week.)

We have included a classic Christmas Western for the holidays.


Karen R., President,
Thunderbird Fast Draw Club

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