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November 5th, 2018



Howdy Folks:

Well, our turnout for Practice last Friday night was particularly poor, and, partly as a result of this and the fact that next weekend is a long weekend holiday, and our son and his family are coming to visit us, we are unable to make it to the club this coming weekend. As well, Den is going in for some ‘bone biopsy’ this Wednesday so we might not have been able to be there anyway… And, both our regulars, Garry and Jacob, will not be able to open the club at this time either.

HOWEVER, our Sgt. @ Arms, Shawn Murphy, who is just recovering from a back injury, says he WILL open the club this coming Friday.! Therefore, considering all things, HE WILL NEED YOUR HELP!

If you can attend, please let him know SHAWNJM@SHAW.CA

As there was not much of a turnout, Den only had a few pictures, and there isn’t much news to report on here. Counting THIS COMING Friday night, there are only 3 more Practice nights and then both November and December’s Gun Of The Month competitions, which will end this year’s string, will BOTH take place on the last Friday of the month as is usual. The last two events (G.O.M.’S) will be Standing Wax at 15ft., ten shots total, and followed by Step Back/Forward Wax, also ten shots total. Both are shot at the Blocker target.

We know that some of us are injured, and some are now on holiday, but maybe we should start trying to  re-introduce some of our smaller targets-along with two of the Blocker rigs during Practice, such as the CFDA rig (s) which haven’t been out for a while, and/or the Standard WFDA Silhouettes? We know that some of you ‘newbies’ haven’t shot at those yet…

For one thing, Den, who shot more FD last Friday than he did since being out of the hospital, took time out and stepped back to fire a few shots from the 21 ft. line. He is also wondering if he should submit that or 5 strings Double Wax at TWELVE ft. for the Xmas contest? (which will be held on Dec. 7, this year.). Hey, at 12 ft. y’won’t have to swing across so far…! Anyway,  I seriously believe that those pills he takes are messing up his thinking processes, BIG TIME! However,, it is time for y’all to give that event some serious consideration-it will be on us fast enough! (For newcomers, you/we think up an event that we can do SAFELY, with what ever equipment we have or can make do with and then each of us submit our event in a draw from a ‘hat’. The event is picked, and announced,  one week before the Xmas contest, no Practice.  First place is one large Xmas TURKEY. (more on this later…)

‘Til later,


Karen R., President,
Thunderbird FDClub.

Well, we finally have our brochure completed for the July Contest in Aldergrove, that is, now that Den has managed to have a holster donated for this one the 11th year in a row! A tremendous THANK YOU to Bob Marshall of Bob’s Leather Works!


Note: photos are available on the "classic" desk top version website.




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