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Howdy Folks:

Looks like ‘Ted’s Telegraph poles’ are vibrating again with the NOTICE THAT;
as it is the time slot for DOUBLE WAX AT 10FT. This consists of five ‘strings’ - ten shots total, at two Blocker targets placed 6 ft. apart and 10 ft. back from the shooter. The penalty for a miss on either target is 1 second-or 100/100ths of one sec.

THIS SATURDAY NIGHT IS LANGLEY ROD AND GUN CLUB’S ANNUAL BANQUET. This will take place at 6pm and trophies and government certificates will be presented to all of the 2017 year winners. Fast Draw awards are part of this occasion, which takes place at the Newland’s Golf Course Banquet Hall in Langley. Ain’t got your ticket(s) yet? Just phone Sam the LR&GClub Caretaker, and she will hold them for you until Saturday DAYTIME. Please remember that, if you have an award(s) coming to you, and do NOT attend to be presented with them at this prestigious event, that is an embarrassment, all the way around!

MEETING AGAIN! Den and I have two more this week-one is the LR&GClub meeting on Wednesday night with the ‘new and old’ LR&GClub Executive, which includes those of us that we elected/re-elected at the 2018 AGM and those that have one year left on the BOD. Should be fun. Plus, we are off to a visit with the Firearms Chief of the RCMP to meet with the new staff lady who will be the one to make out and present us with our permits re shows, contests, whatever events we get called up for in the future. (Such as the upcoming H.A.C.S. show in March.)

It was good to see Ramone Dizon out to rejoin the group a week ago, and Michael Lee, who visited us at that time, has also joined the club! Welcome aboard, you guys! We’ve assigned Garry Porteous, who has agreed to be Michael’s ‘sponsor’ for his entry into the club, and Garry will introduce Michael to the club’s ‘Fast Draw Way of Life’, so to speak, training him, making Michael aware of the rules of the sport, and whatever else comes to mind. A ‘sponsor’ is the go-between’ for the club as well as for the newcomer(s) as the ‘sponsor’, after the new member has attended a minimum of 12 club events, lets us know what the ‘newbie’ is like after which he/she is to be either voted in or out by the other members. Although, thankfully, only some few  ‘newbies’ have been denied membership over the years, for things like ‘poor sportsmanship’ ‘drugs and/or drinking’, as well as for unsafe gun handling, the sponsor is usually the first to know, and will alert the club asap if there is anything ‘outstanding’. And, for the new aspiring member, and for the group, it is a ‘learning’ period.

Meanwhile, it is with MUCH sadness that things such as the shooting in Florida school has taken so many-or any- lives! It is also very sad to see that the press-in MANY instances- has seen fit to ‘MISLEAD’ people, and also sad that one of the surviving school children joined in the ‘protests’ to front a petition, wanting “safe gun laws”, which has attracted over 100,000 signatures last time I looked. (“safe gun laws” just WHAT does that mean-someone’s possibly bent idea of what-exactly-’safe’ is? ) One early and emotional’ outcome when Kennedy was shot was when the lawmakers-in the U.S.-decided that Mail-order guns were to be MARKED ‘Firearm inside’ when on the deck of the Post services for delivery-and they soon ended up being stolen left and right! Finally the Postmaster General had to ‘break’ that law, and stop them from being marked as such! “Safe gun laws”.?

S’funny, some of those protestors even attacked the NRA contributions-yet the NRA IS TRYING TO HELP THEM STOP these ‘executions’ Y’now, SWIMMING POOLS have Life Guards, why don’t schools?!! The ONLY way to defend these schools is with RESISTANCE! (And a BILL is now being intro’d to the Florida Government to do just that-to allow for designated teachers/staff to bring their guns INTO these so-called  ‘gun-free’ areas to PROTECT these students! Alabama has just allowed the same for C&C into churches in that state…). And do you think you are SAFE in Canada? Gee, when Den and myself brought Mattias to his home late last Friday night, his dad came out to warn us to NOT go up the next block on our way home as there were “Police and machineguns and cars on fire….” (it turned out to be a ‘targeted hit’, is what the papers tell us…) Ok-‘Soap Box Out’

See y’all on Friday,  no LIVE AMMO, of course…!

Karen Robinson,
Thunderbird FDClub.

Well, we finally have our brochure completed for the July Contest in Aldergrove, that is, now that Den has managed to have a holster donated for this one the 11th year in a row! A tremendous THANK YOU to Bob Marshall of Bob’s Leather Works!


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