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Howdy Folks:

Last Friday night we had a good time practicing with a pretty good turnout as well. Our grandson, Mattias, brought out one of his school chums and they did the ‘trigger tango’ with the rest of us for a Fast Draw fun night-then it was off to the diner and dinner for some of us. To be somewhat different, I have included a phtot of the group that went to the Ocean Park restaurant, along with some usual photos of the group from last night. Invites (to the Celebs-are on their way via Den this week-probably take him most of the week as you cannot ‘CC’ these ones…) We did go to try to get more copies of the newspapers (Langley Advance) but found out they were all gone. We had learned about their being printed too long after the articles came out-simply because we don’t live in the area. And some that do noticed it too late. We will have to copy out one of their ‘e-editions’(webmaster's note, click the link above for e-edition) and, thanks to our computer, we must print out the whole newspaper just to get the one page to hang up at the club…groan…)

Okay, so  much for the bad news…now, GUN OF THE MONTH IS THIS COMING FRIDAY NIGHT! It consists of ten shots total at Standing Blanks @ 8 ft.-good practice for our contest in July 21/22. Personally we would rather have held it closer to our Aldergrove contest date, but some of our attendees won’t be here after this weekend, and next weekend is a holiday weekend-and those of us that are left also have that show to do at Ft. Langley on Canada Day. I believe you ALL have your permits-those that are signed on for the show, that is. If not-and you wish to take part, please get a hold of Den or myself asap! And maybe we can find an ‘open Sunday’ to shoot along with some practicing Shotgunners if there is one closer to the Contest? TBA.

A BIG vote of THANKS here to Shawn Murphy, who has ordered a JJ Timer and has agreed to let our club use it as a spare at the Aldergrove Contest, and on some other occasions!

And, since we have been linked to the movie, ‘Last Stand To Nowhere’ on their FB site it's only fair that we add their link to the homepage of our website in addition to the link on the sponsorship page which was added several months ago, so I will ask our Webmaster, Ted, to put LSTN here when he returns from ‘back east’. (which MAY be as of today?) Please also note that the LSTN FB site has a LOT of references to our club and photos of our members ‘in action’ during training and at the set…THANK YOU, MICHELLE!

With the show coming up-is ANYONE in the club-that is going to be there-able to do a gun-twirling routine??

That’s it for this week, thanks for ‘listening’,

Karen Robinson,
Thunderbird FDClub.

Well, we finally have our brochure completed for the July Contest in Aldergrove, that is, now that Den has managed to have a holster donated for this one the 11th year in a row! A tremendous THANK YOU to Bob Marshall of Bob’s Leather Works!


Note: photos are available on the "classic" desk top version website.




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